Sherry Browles and Scott Dow

InsideOut Studio (IOS) is a fully equipped visual arts space designed to cultivate the production of fine art by people who face unique challenges. IOS is a non-profit organization that offers its services without charge. We provide guidance in many different mediums, and work to accommodate any art venture that our artists want to explore. Our goal is to foster working artists who create in the studio for at least 15-20 hours a week. We sell the art in our gallery space and in public venues, and 50% of the proceeds go to the artists.


IOS opened its doors in April 2016, and already hosts 15 artists. It is a warm, light, and lively space. Part of our mission is to promote greater interaction between people with special needs, who are too often sequestered and marginalized, and members of the population at large. This is why we chose to house our studio at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment, a vibrant public space that houses numerous studios as well as businesses and performance venues. Our door is always open, and we invite all comers to visit and, if they wish, to work alongside our regular artists.

We are growing rapidly, and hope you will become part of the InsideOut community by following our progress and supporting us in our undertaking to create a new and unique venue that will enrich the lives of our artists as well as everyone who shares our vision.